About Jud

During the 90’s the SF bay area was a hotbed for innovations in art, architecture and design. A handful of artisans & designers became interested in concrete as a decorative material and the concept of a cast concrete countertop was born. At the time I was exploring concrete as medium for sculpture during my studies at CCA in Oakland. After completing my undergraduate degree (BFA in Sculpture ‘93) I went to work for Fu Tung Cheng, an innovator in the field, assisting in his concrete countertop casting shop and of the 6 years I was with Cheng I managed his shop for the last 4. There I learned all about the properties of concrete, how to design mixes, color matches and sealer application. I was proud to have been instrumental in the co-creation of the first book about concrete countertops “Concrete Countertops”, Taunton Press, 2000. Since then I have worked for several concrete countertop companies, including Sonoma Cast Stone and Bohemian Stoneworks as well as having my own countertop company, Arkeon Art. Over the years I’ve been contacted numerous times by home owners exasperated after a seemingly endless search for a qualified concrete craftsman to take on restoring their concrete countertops. Now with a growing number of fabricators churning out concrete countertops over the last 25 years it became clear there was a huge need for a concrete countertop restoration company. I founded Concrete Doctor Maintenance Services in 2012 in order to meet that need. I have a great crew, the training and experience of a craftsman and the eye of an artist. We bring skill, integrity and knowledge to every restoration project.