Get to know Jud


In a rare and uncensored interview we are given access to the private and fascinating world of Jud Smith, owner and operator of the Santa Rosa based concrete restoration company, Concrete Doctor Maintenance Services. Jud, an artist and an artisan, had no idea what a specialized niche he was tapping into when he began dabbling in concrete restoration. Jud had 15 years experience building and installing concrete counters, but repairing them was a new field, not only to Jud, but also to the concrete countertop industry. The demand for Concrete Doctor’s services is high…few contractors possess Jud’s experience and knowledge when it comes to the tools, materials, and process required to restore concrete surfaces, sometimes to their original new condition. Calls coming in from Hawaii, Vancouver, and New York are confirmation that Concrete Doctor is the leader in its field. Below—some questions to help you get to know the person behind the business:

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Katy Perry


Q: What’s a favorite restaurant?

A: Café Beaujolais in Mendocino.


Q: Something you would never wear?

A: Polyester bellbottoms.


Q: If you had a hip-hop artist stage name it would be…

A: DJ Mix-A-Lot.


Q: What’s one thing you love about living in Northern California?

A: The fresh air.


Q: What is a personal challenge you’re working on?

A: Balancing work and personal life.


Q: What gives you peace?

A: Yoga.


Q: What’s something you love about your work?

A: Bringing old things back to life.








Add Property Value

Add Property Value

We hear over and over again from clients selling their homes how restoring their concrete countertops facilitated the quick sale of their property. We are often sought out by real estate agents and property management companies who encourage their clients to invest in the restoration of their counters because they know how much value it will add to their property. The widespread appeal and popularity of concrete counters makes them a huge selling point in homes. Concrete counters that show excess wear and tear or have been poorly maintained will quickly degrade the way an entire kitchen shows. This is what our Geyserville client had to say about our work in her home:

“Jud did an excellent job refinishing our concrete sink, countertops and bathroom sinks to ready our house for sale. He was easy to work with and well priced. The results were amazing and a big factor in helping us sell quickly!”

Since concrete counters can be restored to almost new condition, freshly restored counters will make a space feel like its been completely remodeled. Prospective buyers will have the assurance that their concrete counters have been properly sealed and, with the proper care, will not need attention for many years to come. The artistry and durability of concrete counters makes them a huge selling point in homes. Contact us about bringing the shine and beauty to your counters that will make them absolutely irresistible!