never use caustic cleansers on your concrete countertops

4 things you should never do if you have concrete countertops

A properly-sealed concrete countertop is resistant to water, acid, and oils. But to ensure that your countertops stay unblemished for as long as possible, we’ve got four cardinal rules of concrete countertop care for you.

1. Don’t leave spills on your countertops for extended periods of time!

Standing water, acidic liquid like vinegar, lemon or lime juice, and wine, and oils can stain surfaces if allowed to sit too long. Wipe up spills with a soft, absorbent cotton cloth as soon as possible.

2.  Never use harsh cleansers!

Acidic cleansers, caustic products, peroxides, and abrasive scrubbers can scratch, bleach, or etch your countertop. Instead, use a gentle, PH neutral cleaners like Simple Green or Meyers, and use a soft cotton cloth to polish and cleanse.

3.  Don’t cut directly on the countertop!

Use a cutting board to protect both the finish of your countertop and the edges of your cutlery.

4.  Don’t overlook sneaky sources of moisture!

Be on the lookout for potted plants, damp dishrags, leaky faucets or dish dryers, and other surprising sources of condensation or water.

gifts for people who have concrete countertops

Holiday wishlist for people who love their concrete countertops

You love your concrete countertops because of the artistry and beauty they bring to your kitchen. We’ve put together a wishlist of covetable, functional products that will accent your home at the same time as they keep your concrete countertops looking their best.

Protect your concrete surfaces in style

Although a properly sealed countertop is stain resistant, you should avoid leaving oils and acidic liquids like vinegar or lemon juice on the surface. Always be sure to clean spills as they occur. When you entertain, serve food and beverage spreads on decorative cutting boards or trays, like AHeirloom’s customizable handmade walnut or maple boards.

serve food on decorative cutting boards to protect concrete surfaces

Always place hot pans on a trivet to prevent heat damage to your concrete countertops. Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron Oval Trivet is elevated to keep hot cookware away from surfaces.

A trivet will help protect surfaces from heat









Protect surfaces by placing Terrafirma Ceramics’ handmade coasters under a bottle of olive oil or glass of wine. Each coaster is individually wheel-thrown, hand painted, and signed by artisan Ellen Evans.

Coasters can protect concrete surfaces from wine and oil stains

Bay Area-based Heath Ceramics embodies the sort of artisanship that we appreciate the most. Their Candleholder Tray Set, milled by a local woodworker and featuring four ceramic candle holders, stylishly prevents wax drips on countertops.

hcs-015-heath-candleholder-tray-set-slate-alt1-731by607 copy

Chopping directly on your countertop can cut into the sealer and compromise the protective finish as well as damage your cutlery.  OXO’s Utility Cutting Board ($14.99) features non-slip rubber handles and a polypropylene cutting surface that won’t dull your knives.

cutting board will protect concrete surfaces


Clean your concrete countertops with care

Acidic or caustic cleansers and abrasive sponges can wreak havoc on the finish of your countertops. Avoid bleach, peroxides, and harsh cleansers like Comet and 409. Opt instead for mild cleansers and soft cloths.

Try Mrs. Meyers’ Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner in warm, wintery Iowa Pine scent. Its gentle formulation won’t wear away at your countertops’ sealer.


To polish your countertops, we recommend Granite Gold Polish. Apply with a paper towel and immediately buff off with a soft cotton cloth. Upgrade from scraps of old t-shirts to Speed Cleaning’s ultrasoft 100% Cotton Cleaning Cloths.

cotton cloths

Add Property Value

Add Property Value

We hear over and over again from clients selling their homes how restoring their concrete countertops facilitated the quick sale of their property. We are often sought out by real estate agents and property management companies who encourage their clients to invest in the restoration of their counters because they know how much value it will add to their property. The widespread appeal and popularity of concrete counters makes them a huge selling point in homes. Concrete counters that show excess wear and tear or have been poorly maintained will quickly degrade the way an entire kitchen shows. This is what our Geyserville client had to say about our work in her home:

“Jud did an excellent job refinishing our concrete sink, countertops and bathroom sinks to ready our house for sale. He was easy to work with and well priced. The results were amazing and a big factor in helping us sell quickly!”

Since concrete counters can be restored to almost new condition, freshly restored counters will make a space feel like its been completely remodeled. Prospective buyers will have the assurance that their concrete counters have been properly sealed and, with the proper care, will not need attention for many years to come. The artistry and durability of concrete counters makes them a huge selling point in homes. Contact us about bringing the shine and beauty to your counters that will make them absolutely irresistible!