We are willing to work on any decorative or architectural concrete elements, including kitchen countertops, concrete sinks, fireplace surrounds, architectural elements, columns, tables and more.

The average-sized kitchen takes 1 to 2 days for the restoration and sealing and 5 days for the sealer to cure.

Six to seven days after the start of the jo

We collect 90% of the dust with a micro-filter cement dust vacuum system. There may be some residual dust but for the most part it is well contained and minimal cleanup will be required.

We provide care and maintenance instructions that are simple to follow. We also recommend a surface conditioner product to apply twice per year.

If the care and maintenance instructions are carefully followed we expect the average kitchen to last 3-5 years before needing any touch-up work.

Throughout the greater Bay Area and out-of-state if necessary.

We offer state of the art finishes for concrete countertops, which have the highest resistance to acidic and oil-based substances and food acids such as vinegar and lime.

For a quick response you can use our online intake form and follow picture submitting instructions. Or just give us a call and we will gather some information and ask you to send pictures of the areas you need restored. We will then create an estimate based on the photos or we will come look at the job.  Once the estimate is accepted we will collect a signed contract and deposit check and schedule a time to do the work.

2-6 weeks out.

Sorry, we do not repair driveways or sidewalks.